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myairlease does not provide news, does not organise events, does not broker assets...

myairlease supports professionals involved with trading, financing and management of commercial aircraft and engines!

Asset promotion
Companies promoting available assets through myairlease can choose any of the following listing options (with or without Twitter, LinkedIn and Updates promotion):
  • Listing in and in Partners' databases.
  • Listing in
  • Restricted* listing in

*Serial Numbers and contact details are submitted to myairlease for all listings (normal and restricted). However, restricted listings are specifically designed for the promotion of assets with confidentiality restrictions so they do not carry Serial Numbers and contact details (contact us for more information)

Companies promoting assets through myairlease don't have to monitor their listings. We send appropriate reminder emails that contain a link to the company's page where all their assets are listed so companies either reply to the email with their request or use the Online forms to quickly and efficiently update their listings.

FleetIntel is a database with thousands of aircraft that "likely" are, or will soon become, available. Listings are based exclusively on 24/7 market research and aircraft ownership is provided through an exclusive cooperation with IBA (for more details click here).

myknowledge is a database of educational and highly specialised articles relating to trading, financing and management of commercial aircraft and engines (for more details click here).

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