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Airbus A340
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Mr. R. Rosser
+44 2921 676 296
A340-3131996 157 ORCFM56-5C4OROL/S1610IMM
Mr. R. Sitta
+971 4 2500373
A340-3132000 319 65235/8955CFM56-5C40/30/245(21*)A1610IMM
Mr. C. Buckley
+44 207 190 6125
A340-3001998 236 ORCFM56-5C4/POROL/S1609IMM
Global Knafaim Leasing
Mr. A. Luzon
+972 3 653 9981
A340-3131996 146 ORCFM56-5C4ORS1607IMM
Hi Fly
Mrs. F. Brioso
+351 21 11 436 80
A340-3001995 117 ORCFM56-5C40/12/288A1610IMM
YoM: Year of Manufacture
MSN: Manufacturer Serial Number
TFHs/TFCs: Total Flight Hours / Total Flight Cycles
F/B/E: First / Business / Economy PAX seats
OL/A/S: Operating Lease / ACMI / Sale
LU: Listing Update in YYMM format*
AD: Availability Date in YYMM format
IMM: Immediately
OR: On Request

*listings not updated for 5 months are automatically removed

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