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FleetIntel - Availability statistics

Availability statistics is currently in beta!
Below is an initial test graph with availability statistics over a period of several months (each aircraft model will have such a graph).

Availability statistics will be published at the end of each month and will present available aircraft (promoted by owners and mandated parties through myairlease) and likely available aircraft (listed in FleetIntel) for a period of 3 years starting at the end of each month.

Data collection and presentation are being fine-tuned so if you have comments or suggestions please email them and help make FleetIntel better for everyone!
graph Likely available (listed in FleetIntel*, total)
More than 15yrs old
Less than 15yrs old
*Aircraft stored more than 3 years are excluded

Available (promoted through myairlease*, total)
More than 15yrs old
Less than 15yrs old
*Aircraft available for ACMII are excluded

An idea for older data...

Although FleetIntel listings will soon become reliable enough to be used for availability statistics, it will be a while until this data can be used to look back in to previous years. Considering that availability is essentially a measurement of the desirability of an aircraft model, you can use the transfer time between operators as a metric for previous years (relatively easy to work out through aircraft databases).

Although transfers between operators can be delayed due to reasons unrelated to the desirability of an aircraft model, these occurences are exceptions when several years are considered so the faster the transfers the more desirable the model. Furthermore, the transfer times are based on "verified" aircraft transfers so the data can be very reliable.

Regarding presentation, transfers can be split to Fast (0-3 months) and Slow (+3 months) and the ratio Fast/Slow can be plotted over time, along with data like the below to enhance/compliment the transfer time metric:
  1. Stored/Parked
  2. Number of Sales
  3. Type of Sales (Sale with Lease Attached, Sale and Leaseback, Sale Off Lease)
  4. Lease rates
  5. Scrap/Dismantling age
Disclaimer: No proprietary claims are made for the transfer time metric and if it has been used before (partly or in its eniterty), appropriate references and/or links can be provided in this page.

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