Jet Trading and Leasing Submit/Update assets
ModelESNATUPDADContact / Comments
PW2037M717964 L/S1712IMM Mr. L. Ayala | +1 305 567 2424
PW2037M726545 L/S1712IMM Mr. L. Ayala | +1 305 567 2424

MSN: Manufacturer Serial Number
ESN: Engine Serial Number
YoM: Year of Manufacture
H/C: Total Flight Hours / Total Flight Cycles
CC: Cabin configuration (F: First, C: Business, Y: Economy, F: Freighter, CO: Combi, QC: Quick Change
AT: Availability Type (OL: Operating Lease, A: ACMI, S*: Sale (*lease attached), E: Exchange)
AD: Availability Date in YYMM format
UPD: Last Update in YYMM format (listings not updated for 4 months are automatically removed)
IMM: Immediately
OR: On Request
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