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Abbreviations: Air: Tech representation services for aircraft deliveries/redeliveries, inputs, lease compliance/monitoring, etc.
Eng: Tech representation services for engine and APU deliveries/redeliveries, inputs, lease compliance/monitoring, etc.
Head Office: Most companies can provide services away from their Head Office country
CompanyHead OfficeAirEngServices
Global Aviation Technical ServicesUSAAirEngAircraft delivery, re-delivery and acceptance; Technical Records Audits (incl. scanning, storage and archiving); Physical inspections and Repossessions; CAMO support; MRO heavy maintenance check management
3 Eagle AviationUSAAirEngTechnical Documentation Audits, Physical Inspections, Prepurchase Services, Due Diligence (Finance/Insurance), Sale/Off-lease Preparation, Documentation Deliverables (Scanning, Storage/Archival/Change Control), Maintenance Check/Mod Representation, Flight Deck Services
5 Aero TeamPolandAirEngCAMO Services, Permit to Fly, ARC, Pre-Purchase and Annual Technical Documentation Management, Audits & Physical Inspections, Delivery & Handback Support, Aircraft Inspection, Management of Re-/Delivery, Acceptance/Repossession, Parking/Storage, Tech Representation
AAMIUSAAir-Facility technical capability and performance audits, on-site coordination of modification projects, legal support and testimony
ABIUSAAirEngAircraft technical inspections, record audits, heavy Maintenance check representation, ferry flights
ACI Aviation ConsultingUSAAir-Asset monitoring/recovery, FAA liaison
Acumen AviationIndiaAirEngBoutique Technical support for Aircraft leasing companies and owners. Focus on delivery/redelivery support, records management, technical audits and technical reviews. Support specialization in the field of workscope planning, records and aircraft appraisals and audits
ADD AviationMexicoAirEngADD offers intelligence services and solutions: Records Management, DB Software, Aeronautical Engineering Support and Records Digitisation that let the organizations efficiently manage their processes and aircraft/engine transactions. We fly with you to the new generation of aviation industry.
AELIS GroupSlovakiaAirEngInsurance, continuous airworthiness management, asset/lease/records/financial management, trading services
Aeolus Engine ServicesIrelandAirEngMaintenance Life Cycle Management, Shop Visit Planning and Work Scoping, Engine Condition Monitoring, AD/SB Compliance Tracking, LLP and Engine Time Tracking, Maintenance Contract Negotiation and Financial Management, Pre-purchase and return lease engine evaluations/appraisals, OEM representation, CAMO services
AercasAustraliaAirEngSupport for deliveries, repo, on-site representation (Australia and Europe). All lease inspections and tech records reviews. EASA 145 set up, auditing of ops, suppliers and Mx providers, MOE and CAME production. EASA CAMO set up and support in AD/SB review, AMPs, reliability support, maintenance tracking and planning.
AerFleet TechCanada-EngServices include, but are not limited to, engine maintenance management and cost analysis, management of leased engine deliveries/re-deliveries, technical and commercial review of engines for acquisition purposes, investigative services for the purpose of insurance claims/disputes, and advisory services for engine maintenance contracts
Aero Consultant Agency CorporationAustraliaAir-TBA
Aero Inspection InternationalIrelandAirEngAircraft Delivery and Re-Delivery management company with in-house EASA and FAA approved borescope inspections services, in-house nacelle inspection specialists and teams of project managers and engineers across the globe. Offices are based in Shannon and Singapore.
Aerofield ServicesUSAAirEngTBA
AeroScapeTurkeyAir-Aircraft Delivery/Redelivery Support, Technical Representation for Maintenance/Heavy Checks, Technical Documentation Audits, Physical Inspections, Other specific events which require on-site Aircraft Technical Representative.
Aerotech InternationalCanada
Aerway LeasingUSAAir-TBA
Ahua Aviation ServicesMexicoAir-TBA
Air TrendsUSAAirEngCustomized technical support and software solutions for aircraft lessors, lessees, operators and MROs: Aircraft Inspections. Delivery/Redelivery Support. Records Management. Inventory and Repair Management. Business Process Improvements. Lean Process Implementation. Operations Optimization.
AirCapital Aviation ServicesUSAAir-TBA
Aircraft Management SolutionsUKAirEngTech/records/contract audits, DAR/DER services
Aircraft Systems GroupUSAAirEngTBA
Aircraft Technical ServicesUSAAirEngAircraft/records management
Aircraft Transaction FacilitatorsUSAAir-TBA
Airfleet Acquisition GroupUSAAir-We focus on acquisition, redelivery, maintenance/engineering modifications and parts brokerage of commercial aircraft
AirFleet ManagersIndiaAirEngWork package Development, Process Development, Maintenance Planning and Bridging, Quality Assurance and Technical Audits, Asset Management
ALL4JETSPolandAirEngEASA Part-M approved CAMO, ARC, Technical consulting and representation, Delivery/Redelivery support and management, Entry-into-service support, Auditing, Inspections (physical and docs): Pre-purchase/Pre-lease/Mid-lease/End-lease/Redelivery
ALMUKAirEngTech monitoring, MPD customisation, lease management, technical consulting/monitoring, OL structuring, transaction risk assessment
AMSUSAAir-Marketing and Sales support, Asset management
AMMCUKAir-Maintenance Representation , Deliveries/Re-Deliveries, Asset Management,CAMO Support, Aircraft Planning Support, EASA Pt 145 Set up, Operation and Management
Anisoft AviationIndiaAirEngIndia based Aviation Technical Consultants - Providing Services for Aircraft Research & Sourcing, Lease Management, Technical and Regulatory Advisory to aircraft operators and lessors
Apple AviationUK
Ariel AviationUSAAir-Maintenance monitoring, DAR/DER services, aircraft disassembly
ATBDUSAAirEngAircraft leases and acquisitions; Re-marketing; Inspections; Audits; Lease management; Legal support; Risk assessment
Avia ConsultingGermanyAir-TBA
Aviation Information ManagementUSAAirEngRemarketing, lease management, asset administration and advisory services
Aviation Integrated Services GroupMexicoAirEngFleet plan development and implementation, major maintenance representation and control, records inspection, maintenance programs development, appraisals
Aviation ManagementUSA-EngTBA
Aviation Safety BureauUSAAirEngRecord audits/archiving, conformity inspections, maintenance representation, insurance audits
Aviation Specialists GroupUSAAir-TBA
Aviation Technical Auditing ServicesUSAAir-Aircraft Re-deliveries / Pre-Purchase Inspections & Audits; Due-Diligence/In-Lease Surveys; Record Audits; End of Life Part-Out Audits; Legal Assistance; Inventory Valuations; Process Oversight and Maintenance Representation
AvisaUKAirEngEASA approved CAMO, Airworthiness Management, Technical surveys, Quality and SMS services, Start up Consulting and Airworthiness Safety Training
AvitasUSAAirEngStorage management, fleet condition analysis, on-site tech reps, FAA liaison, start-up airline assistance, expert advice and testimony
Avitech WestUSAAir-Audits, tech representation, records review/management, agreements, ferry flights, brokerage
Avsource BrazilBrazilAir-TBA
AvtracUKAirEngInspection, Redelivery, Repossession, EASA/IOM/BDCA CAMO, Tech Records Management and Audit, Maintenance Representation
Bateleur Appraisal & Aviation ServicesUSAAir-TBA
BK AssociatesUSAAirEngMarket/aircraft supply & demand studies, expert witness testimony
Blue Sky AviationUKAir-Aircraft evaluations, start-up consulting, EU-OPS-1 manuals development
Blue Sky EnginesUK-EngTBA
Brok-Air ConsultingSpainAirEngAircraft technical inspections, record audits, maintenance checks representation, line maintenance, storage, ferry flights support, EASA/FAA certified engineers
Bureau VeritasFranceAirEngTBA
CAE Parc AviationIrelandAirEngTechnical audit assessments, records review/management, lease compliance review, QA inspectors/DARs, full ferry flight services, Approvals: CAMO, Part 21 DOA, Borescope engine inspection services
Cara CapitalUSAAirEngTBA
CARR AviationUKAirEngOn-site tech representation, surveys, tech services, aircraft inspections/acquisitions, technical audits, analysis of long-term risk aspects, records audits, aircraft purchase/sale technical and negotiations assistance
CASIrelandAirEngAircraft: Management of delivery, re-delivery and acceptance; Transition services including Technical Documentation Audits, Records (incl. scanning, storage and archiving), Physical inspections and Repossessions; CAMO support; MRO heavy maintenance check management, arranging of ferry flights; parking/storage.
Engines: Shop Visit Management.
Certified AviationUSAAirEngMRO services
CFBGermanyAir-Audits, manuals/records management, inspections
Charles TaylorUKAir-TBA
CloudCARDSIrelandAir-Aircraft lease support and asset management
Collateral VerificationsUSAAir-Global provider of commercial aircraft records audits and inspections, lease management, ISTAT certified appraisals and valuations, price guide publications, export advisory, completion management, continuous airworthiness management, MRO technical representation
Commercial Jet PartnersUSAAirEngWe specialize in all facets of the 737 classics, Asset management and Recovery services
consultants.aeroFranceAir-Project Management, Audit & Consulting Services at transitions: Aircraft records, aircraft physical inspections, airworthiness and regulations compliance, lease agreements technical clauses, translations
CS AviationFranceAir-TBA
Cusco AviationUSAAirEngGlobal provider of commercial aircraft records audits and inspections, lease management, completion management, MRO technical representation, Engine, Composite, Airframe MRO Commercial representations.
Dart AviationFranceAirEngTech inspections, records audits, on-site representation, DAR Services
Derichebourg Atis AeronauticsFranceAirEngTBA
EastWest AviationUKAir-TBA
EKD Technical ServicesUKAirEngTBA
Eshwari Aviation ServicesIndiaAirEngLease, Purchase and Repossession support; Safety, Regulatory Compliance and Conformity Audits; Annual Inspections; Induction, Delivery and Re delivery Management; Asset Management; CAMO Support; Monitoring of maintenance checks at MRO visits; Engine work package review and representation during shop visits
EuramIrelandAirEngEngine shop visit management, engine shop contract negotiation, records inspection and boroscope inspection
EZEN AviationIndiaAirEngTBA
FD Aviation ServicesSingaporeAirEngTBA
Fintech Aviation ServicesSwitzerlandAir-Asset management, advisory services
FL TechnicsLithuaniaAirEngAircraft and Components Inspection and Re-/ Delivery, Aircraft Selection, Pre-Delivery Inspection and Technical Aircraft Acceptance, Handback (or Redelivery), High Value Aircraft Components Inspection (Engines, CG, APU)
Flight DirectorUSA-EngTBA
Flight Pro Consulting ServicesUSAAirEngFAA DAR Services Inspections and Technical Audits, IS-BAO Audits, Legal Support & Expert Witness, FAA/NTSB Liaison, Accident Investigation, Technical Records Audits
Florida Modification SpecialistsUSAAirEngTBA
FlyerTechUKAirEngEASA approved CAMO, Airworthiness Management, ARC, Permit to Fly, Pre-Purchase and Mid-Term Technical Documentation Audits and Physical Inspections, Delivery and Handback Support, Airworthiness Management software
Fusion Aero SolutionsMalaysiaAir-Aircraft Delivery/Redelivery Services, Fleet Technical Management Services (CAMO), MRO Representation, Phase Out and End of Lease Services
G&G AviationItalyAirEngMaintenance checks representation and records audits
GA TelesisUKAirEngAsset management, remarketing
GamitUKAirEngEASA CAMO services, aircraft records auditing, digitisation of records, DER/DAR services, check management and representation, remarketing
GC AviationUSAAirEngOn-site representation, records audit/inspection, DAR services
Global AircraftUSAAir-Records reviews, inspections, cost and value analysis reports
Global Technical SupportBrazilAirEngEngine Complete Management, Engine Evaluations and Aircraft / Engines Technical Records Audit
Ground Sky EngineeringFranceAirEngTBA
GT Engine ServicesUK-EngEngine Maintenance and Storage, Pre/Post Lease Checks, Borescopes, Preservations, QEC Builds/Strips, Top/Bottom Case, Module Swaps
IAS LtdBulgariaAirEngConsulting, Tech Records management, expert witness, brokerage
IASGUKAirEngAsset/airworthiness/quality management, AOC start-up support
IBAUKAirEngOne stop shop for aircraft/maintenance records inspection, records management, quality and technical documentation audits, aircraft delivery/redelivery/transitioning, airworthiness management, lease contract reviews, due diligence, expert witness, asset management and remarketing services.
Insight AviationNetherlandsAirEngCAMO Services, Permit to Fly, ARC, Parking/Storage, Technical Documentation Audits, Physical Inspections, Pre-purchase Services, Due Diligence, Documentation Deliverables (Scanning, Storage/Archival/Change Control), Maintenance Check/Mod Representation
Integral Aviation SolutionsUSAAir-TBA
JB AviationUSAAir-Management of aircraft delivery, re-delivery and acceptance; Airworthiness Management; Technical, operational and commercial advice; Detailed aircraft and technical records due diligence; Organisation of aircraft ferry and positioning flights, Management of aircraft part-out projects; Boroscope services
Jet Aircraft ManagementUSAAir-Maintenance oversight and management, prepurchase/presale representation, completions management, FAR 135 conformity inspections
Jet CompletionsUSAAir-TBA
Jet ResearchUSAAirEngAircraft Inspections, Pre-Purchase Inspections, Aircraft Acquisition Programs; Mid-Lease Inspections, Lease Returns, Lease Acceptance, DAR Services, Aging Aircraft Audits, Aircraft Maintenance Management/Technical Representation, Storage Induction / Monitoring Oversight
Jet Trading and LeasingUSAAirEngAircraft management, sale/leaseback, trading and remarketing
Keeping FlightUKAirEngTechnical Services, Airworthiness Management, Record Reviews, Physical Inspections, Surveys, Technical Pre-Purchase Inspections, Aircraft Acquisitions, Repossessions/Disposals, Regulation/Aircraft Compliance Reviews, CofA and End-of-Lease Test Flight Engineers
Knots AviationCyprusAirEngTBA
KV AviationUKAirEngTBA
Lakeland AerospaceUSAAirEngOn-site technical representation, pre-purchase surveys, repossessions, ferry flight assistance, aircraft inspections/acquisitions, technical audits, records audits
Lepera Aviation Safety ConsultantsUSAAirEngFAA DAR with functions 23, 24, 29, 31, 32, 33 (aircraft below 880,000 lbs)
Mach AviaUKAir-TBA
Magnetic MROEstoniaAirEngTBA
MAK Aircraft Engineering ServicesNetherlandsAir-Asset, Airworthiness and Project management; Due-diligence, Pre-purchase and Pre lease inspections; Lease returns and deliveries; Records reviews; Structural repair reviews; Aircraft transitions; Modification reviews and specifications
MBAUSAAirEngAsset Delivery and Return, Technical Oversight, Asset Life-Cycle Management, Aircraft and Engine Repossession, Expert Witness Support
McLarens AviationUK
AirEngManagement of aircraft delivery, re-delivery and acceptance; EASA, CAA and BAA approved CAMO services, Airworthiness management; Technical, operational and commercial advice; Detailed aircraft and technical records due diligence; Organisation of aircraft ferry and positioning flights; Management of aircraft part-out projects
MCO Aviation ConsultantsUKAirEngExpertise in the fields of consulting, aircraft audit and inspections, project management and documentation; the company is UK-based but we serve a client base around the globe
MGServicesUSAAir-On-site technical representation, pre-purchase surveys, repossessions, technical services, ferry flight assistance, aircraft inspections/acquisitions, technical audits, records audits, and negotiations assistance
MHA AviationCanadaAir-Start-up consulting, asset management
MJB Technical SolutionsUKAir-TBA
ML Aviation ServicesUSAAirEngAircraft Inspection and Records Management/Audit/Analysis, Asset and Records Delivery/Re-Delivery/Repossession, Airframe and Engine Maintenance Service Management, Maintenance Program Bridging and Planning, Lease Contract Review/Negotiations/Management, DER/Flight Services
MLR Worldwide Aviation ServicesUSAAir-TBA
MonoCoque Diversified Interests LLCUSAAirEngTBA
Montrose GlobalUKAirEngTBA
New Linta Aero EngineSweden-EngTBA
O2 Aviation ServicesUSAAir-TBA
OneWorld Aviation ManagementUKAir-Tech support services for deliveries/redelivers, heavy maintenance inputs, refurbishment, livery changes, exports, part-out and storage
ORIX AviationIrelandAirEngContract negotiation, deal structuring, lease administration
PacAviaN. ZealandAirEngTBA
Pierce Aviation ServicesUSAAirEngTBA
Potomac AviationUSAAirEngRegional Aircraft Expertise, Technical Audit/Inspection, Records Correction, Appraisals, Ferry, Workscope Development, Bridging Analysis
Pro-Tech AdvisorsUSAAirEngTBA
PSG TurbinesUSAAirEngAircraft and engine maintenance status, inspections, reviews. Engine shop visit management, review, planning, supervision, workscope and scrap review
R Dixon Speas AssociatesUSAAir-Expert testimony
Regent Star Aviation ManagementFranceAir-Advisory services, records management/audit, aircraft registration/certification/delivery/redelivery support, maintenance representation, CAMO services and ARC recommendations/renewals through subsidiary company
Regio LeaseFranceAir-CAMO EASA Approved, airworthiness management support, records review, ARC & EASA compliant support for Airbus, Boeing, ATR and Embraer, asset transition recommendation & management, air law support, registration support
Reliance Aerospace SolutionsUSAAir-DER services
RGH Technical ServiceCanadaAirEngFor Airlines, Lessors, Insurance, Financial Companies, OEM, MROs; Tech Rep Heavy Insp, mod programs, delivery/redelivery support, conformance insp (Lessor oversight), Audits, Imp/Export MSI 26, Workscope development airframe and eng, Asset Monitoring, MTC/QA Management, Special projects, MTC Contractors
Royal Aero GroupUK
Sage PopovichUSAAirEngAsset management, repossession, liquidation-part outs/parts sales, on-site inspections and records audits worldwide, aircraft/engines valuations, aircraft delivery and return, litigation assistance, maintenance observation
Santos DumontIrelandAir-Lease contract review, remarketing
Selena Aviation ConsultancyNetherlandsAirEng(Re)delivery Inspections, Maintenance monitoring/representation, Work package Development, Maintenance Planning and Bridging, Technical records, and Technical Audits
SGI Aviation ServicesNetherlandsAir-Aircraft/Records/Inventory Management, Delivery/Re-Delivery support, Engine Services, AOC Startup Support, Maintenance Contract Review and Negotiation, Lease Contract Management and Aviation Authority Liaison
Skyboss Aviation ServicesUSAAir-Engineering and Liaison support, start-up consulting
Skytech AICUKAir-Marketing
SkyWards Aviation ConsultantsUK-EngEASA approved Borescope Inspections, Aircraft/Records/Inventory Management, Delivery/Re-Delivery support, AOC Startup Support, Maintenance Contract Review and Negotiation, Lease Contract and Shop Visit management.
SkyWorks LeasingUSAAirEngRemarketing, asset management, technical services, investment/advisory services
SkyWorld AviationUKAir-Asset management, maintenance services
Sofema Aviation ServicesBulgariaAirEngQuality and Airworthiness Management support, Documentation reviews, Technical audits and AD/SB compliance, Repair Assessment Reviews, Contract and lease compliance reviews, Support during aircraft acquisition and redelivery, Support during maintenance activity, EASA Regulatory Training, MRO Software
Sterling PacificUSAAir-Asset recovery, DAR services
Strategic Air FinanceUSAAirEngTBA
SunPearl InternationalCanadaAir-Aviation project management, VIP design and completion, Aircraft physical inspections for lease / re-delivery, Record reviews, Borescope Inspections. Chinese speakers for projects in China / Taiwan
Swiss Aviation ConsultingSwitzerlandAir-TBA
TAZTEK AviationUSAAirEngRecords reviews, lease return/acceptance inspections, mid-lease inspections, heavy maintenance check and bridging check visits supervision, aircraft storage induction and monitoring oversight, aircraft end of life and parts harvesting support, quality assurance and business improvements for AMO/MRO/Airlines, auditing and management services
Technical Aviation AdvisorsUSAAirEngTBA
TES Aviation GroupUK-EngTBA
TGB AviationTurkeyAirEngTBA
The Aircraft GroupUSAAir-Technical inspections/appraisals, records audits, asset management consulting, import/export
The Avsource GroupUSAAir-TBA
The Longbow GroupUSAAirEngTBA
The Sharp WingsSwitzerlandAir-TBA
V&N Tech ServicesUSAAirEngTBA
Vector Aircraft ServicesUKAir-TBA
VelingMauritiusAir-Tech records audit and analysis, maintenance reserve management, technical monitoring
VMC AeroUKAirEngAircraft lease deliveries/redeliveries, Maintenance check representation, Pre-purchase and mid lease inspections, Operator technical and operational audits, Part 145, 147 and Part M quality audits, Production of Maintenance Expositions and Procedures Manuals and regulatory and procedures training
Web AeronauticalUSAAirEngAircraft/engines physical inspections, records audits, borescope inspections
Werner Aero ServicesUSA-EngTBA
Wings Aero ServiceUSAAirEngTBA
YeS TechnikUAEAirEngTBA

Abbreviations: Air: Tech representation services for aircraft deliveries/redeliveries, inputs, lease compliance/monitoring, etc.
Eng: Tech representation services for engine and APU deliveries/redeliveries, inputs, lease compliance/monitoring, etc.
Head Office: Most companies can provide services away from their Head Office country

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